FWD Insurance Hosted an Exclusive Türkiye Convention Trip, Flying Top Agents to the Republic of Turkey

FWD Life Insurance Plc. (“FWD Insurance”) organized an exclusive trip for 63 distinguished agents, recognized for their outstanding performance in the latter half of 2022. Named Türkiye Convention Trip 2/2002, this remarkable journey took place in the captivating locations of Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey. The esteemed participating agents were privileged to engage in insightful seminars and discussions, fostering a valuable exchange of perspectives with FWD’s esteemed management team. Leading this distinguished group were Mr. Peter Grimes, Regional Chief Executive Officer for Thailand & Cambodia, Mr. David Korunić, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jon Sandham, Chief Distribution Officer, and Mr. Sahapol Polpathapee, Chief Agency Officer. The event featured a lavish banquet held at the historic Adile Sultan Mansion, an architectural gem from the illustrious era of the Ottoman Empire. In addition, the agents enjoyed captivating sightseeing excursions that showcased a range of significant landmarks. They immersed themselves in the allure of two continents, embarking on thrilling jeep expeditions and indulging in the awe-inspiring experience of hot air balloon rides. These activities allowed them to marvel at the breathtaking splendor of Cappadocia. The remarkable journey culminated in Istanbul, a city renowned for its rich historical and cultural heritage. From start to finish, the agents and esteemed executives forged lasting connections and created cherished memories that will endure.