Bank of Ayudhya Partners with BE8 to Elevate Data Management Technology

Bank of Ayudhya, or Krungsri Bank, partners with Beryl 8 Plus to drive digital transformation with the latest innovation and technology to increase competitive advantage and broaden financial products and services to better meet the needs of customers more comprehensively.

Mr. Siam Prasittikul, Krungsri Chief Information and Digital Officer said “With Bank of Ayudhya’s mission to drive innovation and technology based on Human-Centric Innovations, it is critical to truly understand the behavior and demands of customers from each generation and personalized needs clearly. The bank needs to utilize technology that is effective and accurate in managing data to develop products and services which led to the bank’s decision to partner with Beryl 8 Plus who is an expert on CRM system by using technology to serve as a foundation for all business operation and processes especially technology around digital data management like Salesforce which will help the bank manage customer data more efficiently and allowing the bank to understand customer’s problems and the underlying demand of each customer regarding the bank’s products and services. With these customer insights, the bank will be able to elevate its financial products and services to meet a variety of customer demands comprehensively and quickly as well as giving customers a pleasant experience to make their lives simpler, aligning with the bank’s mission to “Make Life Simple” for all customers.

Beryl 8 Plus is an expert in Digital Transformation with specialization in Customer Relationship Management which combines data management with technology through the Salesforce Platform to collect customer data and analyze customer behavior in order to offer the right products and services for the best customer experience as well as increase the productivity of agents in each channel to service customers better and faster. Mr. Apisek Tewinpagti, Chief Executive Officer of Beryl 8 Plus, said “Beryl 8 Plus has been working with Bank of Ayudhya since 2017. We have used both our expertise in CRM and technology, together with our in-depth understanding of the Banking industry to provide consultation and suggest the right technology to help Bank of Ayudhya achieve its business objectives. Through our partnership with Bank of Ayudhya, we have been driving Digital Transformation to increase the bank’s capability to work with digital data management to strengthen the bank’s competitive edge and to provide better customer service by using customer data analytics to understand what each customer wants through the Salesforce CRM platform, with the end goal of delivering the best customer experience for all of the bank’s customers in the digital age”