Telehouse Collaborates with IGC/ALT Aiming to Be Major Connectivity Hub in Thailand

Telehouse, one of the world’s leading data center service providers, collaborates with International Gateway Co., Ltd. (IGC), a subsidiary of ALT Telecom, Thailand telecommunication network service provider, to provide data center services with a focus on the internet connectivity bringing excellent services to clients and fully accomplish the ecosystem. This collaboration aims to position Telehouse as the major connectivity hub in Thailand and to promote Thailand as the next digital hub in the region.

Completed over 70%, Telehouse’s data center building is strategically located in the center of Bangkok – Rama 9, which scheduled to be completed and operated during the second quarter of 2023. The building was designed specifically for data center services, with a robust utility system for the data center such as two sources of power supply, an emergency power reservation and backup generators.  Telehouse is well-prepared for four diverse routes of fiber access to provide maximum stability and connectivity to customers. The facilities aim to attract internet content providers such as the Over-the-top (OTT), cloud providers, carrier & ISP, SI & managed service provider and corporate customers for both domestic and overseas. Not only this collaboration is expected to serve the network connectivity, but also will mutually strengthen both Telehouse and IGC to accelerate the growth in telecommunications businesses in Thailand.

As part of the partnership with Telehouse, IGC will invest in the installation of telecommunications equipment and Internet Exchange and Transit at the data center, along with the installation of at least 3 fiber optic cable network connections to the existing IGC core network, covering Thailand and connectable to various countries in the region. This partnership will facilitate, improve services, and enable clients to connect to their destinations with confidence.

Ken Miyashita, Managing Director of Telehouse Thailand said, “I am delighted to partner with IGC/ALT as they will be joining us to build the connectivity power at the Telehouse data center. Based on our experience across the globe, we are confident in our investment as we aim to become the Internet connectivity hub of Thailand and in the region. We feel that this is a great collaboration as Telehouse and IGC share the same vision to provide customers with the ideal connectivity benefits.

“I have been involved in ICT and telecommunications in Thailand for more than half of my life. It is an honor that our organization has been involved with the provision of this strategic connectivity services with Telehouse, a global data center service provider, which recently expanded its services to Thailand. This collaboration also complements the policy of the Thai government that supports Thailand as the concrete impetus to become an ASEAN Digital Hub. The investment in Telehouse data center will reinforce our country competitiveness and I believe that in the near future there will be more global Hyper-scalers that will expand services in the country.” Mr. Pichit Satapattayanont, Chief Executive Officer of International Gateway Co., Ltd. added.