Thailand’s October Exports Expand 17.4%, MOC Expects 2021 Exports to Grow 16%

The Ministry of Commerce reported on Monday, November 22, 2021, that Thai exports in October 2021 expanded 17.4% for eighth consecutive months and higher than the exports data in September that rose 17.1%. From January, Thailand saw a 15.7% growth in exports with a value of 222 billion dollars.

The Ministry of Commerce expected Thai exports in 2021 to grow 15-16%, which was above the previous target of 4%.

Meanwhile, imports in October surged 34.6% whereas the 10-month period in 2021 showed an expansion of 31.3%.

Trade balance was $370.2 million in deficit in October, but $1,646.6 million in surplus for the 10-month period.