KBANK Launches THB3,500 MIllion Fund to Focus on AI, Web3 and Fintech

Kasikornbank Public Company Limited (SET: KBANK) has launched a THB 3,500 million fund, the KXVC (Kasikorn X Venture Capital Company Limited) fund, which targets artificial intelligence (AI), Web3, and fintech startups globally after receiving an approval from the Bank of Thailand earlier.

According to Mr. Jom Vimolnoht, Managing Director of KXVC, the fund focuses on AI, Web3 and Deep Tech in the finance segment to meet the needs of consumers, businesses and SMEs in Asia-Pacific. For investment in AI, KXVC wants to invest in AI for users, cyber security systems, cybersecurity, AI/ML tools (e.g. deployment platforms, data annotation, model optimization), and problem-specific AI startups.