Tesla Ranked among Least Reliable EV in US

Consumer Reports magazine’s reliability surveys of electric vehicles (EVs) showed that Tesla and other brands were among the least reliable vehicles in the United States.

The market’s hottest demand is for EVs and full-size pickup trucks, which have the most problems. According to the report, 36% of prospective buyers considered hybrid vehicles for their next car or truck purchase.

In the ranking, Tesla climbed four spots to 19th place out of 24 brands. The leader EV has issues with body hardware, steering and suspension, paint and trim, and the climate system on its models. 

Lexus was the top-ranked brand overall in the survey, with seven of the ten brands being Japanese or Korean. Among Detroit automakers, Lincoln was the only one in the top ten.

Meanwhile, Tesla Inc. informed U.S. auto safety regulators of two new fatalities in Model 3 cars linked to ADAS as of October 15, according to government data.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ordered and required automakers and technology companies to investigate all crashes involving advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicles equipped with automated driving systems tested on public roads. 

The NHTSA began releasing crash data related to driver assistance systems like Tesla’s Autopilot in June. 

Tesla said Autopilot allows vehicles to brake and steer automatically in their lanes, but it does not drive itself.