Apple Will Raise Price of Battery Replacement by $20 from March 1

Apple announced earlier this week that it will raise the battery replacement fees by $20 for all  iPhone that came out before 2022    starting on March 1, which means that iPhone 13 owners will be charged $89 instead of the current $69 for a new battery.

According to the tech giant’s website, battery price hikes will also apply to older iPhones, select iPads, MacBook laptops, and in some international markets.

All iPhone 14 models are currently covered by warranty, and if something goes wrong, the company will fix the phone for free. However, once they are no longer covered by one-year warranty, Apple will charge $99 to replace the batteries in them.

It’s possible that this move will encourage more people to purchase brand-new phones rather than simply swap out their batteries. It may also lead consumers to non-Apple repair shops in search of reduced prices.