Senate to Vote Bill after Being Passed by US House to Avoid Government Shutdown

The continued resolution on the U.S. funding bill was approved by the House on Tuesday, which narrowly avoided any chance of a government shutdown. The measure will next be sent to the Senate, expecting it to pass as well.

The bill will be passed to President Joe Biden after it is passed by the Senate. However, if the process is interrupted at any stage, the government could face a shut down at 11.59 p.m. ET on Friday.

The resolution was passed in the House with bipartisan support, demonstrating a final tally of 336 in favor and 95 opposed, with 127 Republicans joining 209 Democrats.

The funding bills will fund parts of the government, such as certain federal programs like the Food and Drug Administration, military construction, veterans benefits, transportation, housing, urban development, agriculture, energy and water programs, until January 19 and others until February 2.