DFDL Cambodia: Update on Measures to Ease the Use of Khmer Language in Accounting Records and Supporting Documentation

Notification 031/24 AAR (Notification 031/24) was issued by the Accounting and Auditing Regulator (ACAR) on the 15th of May 2024 to clarify the implementation of Circular no. 009 MEF dated 01 September 2021 on the Use of Language and Currency in Accounting Records and Financial Statements.

Notification 031/24 clarifies that:

1. Enterprises and non-profit organizations can use the English language in accounting reports and supporting documents without needing to translate to Khmer language from the date of when their operations began.

2. Enterprises and non-profit organizations may be required to translate accounting reports and/or supporting documents from English to Khmer if ACAR requests during an audit.

ACAR encourages all relevant entities to adhere to these guidelines responsibly.

For any queries regarding your ACAR filing requirements or obligations please contact Ms. Michelle Cielo, Accounting Director at ([email protected]) or Ms. Vattanakpagna Chhun, Accounting Senior Manager at ([email protected]).