Taiwan to End Tourist Quarantine and Resume Visa-Free Travel from Oct 13

Taiwan has taken another major step toward reopening the country, with the government announcing on Thursday that the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine for arrivals will be lifted on October 13 and tourists will be welcomed back.

Taiwan kept some entry and quarantine rules as the rest of Asia relaxed or lifted them, but in June it cut the number of days in isolation for arrivals from 7 to 3.

Lo Ping-cheng, a spokesman for the government, told reporters that the country could now reopen its borders since its citizens had all been vaccinated and the pandemic was under control.

Tourists will be allowed to return, but they are still required to take rapid tests and monitor their health for 7 days. Other measures include ending PCR tests for arrivals and resuming visa-free entry for citizens of all countries that previously had that status.