Malaysia Lifts Ban on Live Broiler Chicken Exports

Malaysia relaxed its temporary export ban on live broiler chickens today (11 October), after domestic supplies began to stabilize, said the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries.

The Malaysian government had previously banned the export of up to 3.6 million chickens beginning on 1 June in an attempt to tackle poultry supply and pricing challenges in the country.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries Ronald Kiandee said in a statement on Monday that the country will initially allow exports of 1.8 million live birds per month, which is 50% of the total restricted limit.

“The decision was made after domestic chicken supplies began to stabilize in the third quarter of the year, with an average surplus of 1.8 million chickens a month,” Kiandee said.

The export ban on whole chickens, chicken parts and day old chicks remains in place.