Hurricane Ian Sweeps Florida’s Gulf Coast

Bringing with it a catastrophic force, Hurricane Ian stormed into Florida’s Gulf Coast on Wednesday (Sept 28), making it one of the most powerful U.S. storms in recent years.

According to scientists, heavier rain and storms are a result of climate change, making hurricanes wetter, windier and more intense.

TV and social media broadcast floodwater sweeping away cars on the road that is now turning into a river, while the communities are seeing water level near their rooftop.

Apparently, the authorities stated that 20 Cuban migrants were missing after their boat sank off the Florida coast.

The authorities warned inhabitants who had yet to evacuate to safety that it was too late to evacuate. More than 2.5 million people were told to evacuate last week, but some stayed vigilant at their homes, while most residents took refuge in local schools and other facilities that have been converted to emergency shelters.