U.S. Considers New Covid Rules for Travelers from China

Officials in the United States are exploring new COVID-19 precautions for travelers coming from China, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.

The article stated that the government is worried about the increase in COVID-19 cases in China and has questioned the reliability of data the country is releasing on the spread of the virus.

The decision follows tighter regulations on Chinese tourists issued by Japan, India, and Malaysia within the past day due to an increase in infections in China.

Japan announced on Tuesday that it will tighten its border controls for travelers from China beginning December 30 in response to an increase in COVID-19 infections. Everyone arriving from China or having visited mainland China within the past seven days will need to take a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival. The government will also limit airline requests to increase flights to China.

On Monday, China announced that beginning on January 8, it will no longer require inbound tourists to enter quarantine, a major step toward loosening restrictions on its borders, which have been largely closed since 2020.