Airlines Expects US Flight Operations to Return to Normal on Thursday

On Wednesday, all domestic flights in the U.S had to stop operation because of a computer outage. While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) tried to figure out the problems, airline operators expected operations to return to normal on Thursday.

Yesterday, more than 11,300 flights were delayed or canceled; it was the first time in two decades that air traffic problems occurred.

The computer failure barred airports in the US from updating safety notices that would warn the pilot of potential hazards such as runway closures, equipment outages, and construction, which resulted in grounding most of the aircraft early Tuesday.

The FAA said it will perform a preliminary review to determine the problem with the damaged data files; there was no evidence of a cyberattack; the investigation still goes on.

Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator, blamed the failure as completely unacceptable. Meanwhile, Arjun Garg, former FAA chief counsel and acting deputy administrator, said that it is still premature to draw any conclusion at this time.

The FAA has lacked a permanent administrator since March. Phil Washington, Chief Executive of Denver International Airport was renominated last week.