Twitter Prices Android Users $11 a Month for Blue Check

Twitter Inc. announced that it will set the price of the Twitter Blue subscription mark for Android at $11 per month, which is the same price as what the company charged for Apple’s IOS users, while offering a cheaper annual package for web users when compared to monthly charges.

The blue check mark, previously used to be free of charge for politicians’ accounts, famous personalities, journalists and other public figures, but now it is open for anyone ready to pay. It launched last year to help Twitter raise its income, while Elon Musk tried to retain ad income that continued to dwindle. 

The higher price for Android’s users is likely to offset fees charged by the Android Google Play Service, the same as Apple’s App Store.

The annual plan for a subscription to Blue Check Mark is available only on the web, at prices, a discount to the monthly web subscription price of $8. It is available in many countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

In December, Elon Musk noted that Twitter’s basic blue tick would get half of the advertisement and next year will have an offer with no more advertisement.