Thailand Becomes Top Spot for Chinese Travelers during Lunar New Year Holidays

Thailand, along with Singapore and Malaysia, became the top destination for Chinese travelers during the Lunar New Year holidays, with travel bookings increasing by 640% over the previous year, according to Ctrip data.

According to a survey taken last year, Chinese visitors are most interested in visiting Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, and South Korea. 

Chinese people who are eager to travel overseas face significant difficulties in the form of flight restrictions, visa issues, and entrance restrictions that are solely dedicated to them.

Therefore, Chinese travelers flocked to Southeast Asia for travels during the Lunar New Year holidays instead, according to Ctrip.

Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Chiang Mai, Manila, and Bali topped the list of most booked international destinations by Chinese travelers on Ctrip, increasing by 640% from the corresponding period previous year.

Ctrip also stated that the number of mainland Chinese tourists reserving hotels outside of China has increased fourfold year over year. A standout was Bangkok, where “hotels over the holiday surged by more than 33 times,” as reported by Ctrip.