US Reportedly to Lift Covid-19 Testing Requirements for Travelers from China

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reportedly poised to end required Covid-19 tests for Chinese visitors on Friday (March 10), joining other countries that are doing so, according to a report by Reuters on Wednesday.

Reuters, citing a source with knowledge of the matter, reported that the United States would keep an eye on Covid-19 cases in China and around the world. The Washington Post first revealed the US decision.

After Beijing’s move to relax its zero-COVID policy, the United States joined India, Canada, Italy, Japan, and other countries in implementing new measures at the beginning of January.

To fly out of China, Hong Kong, or Macao, new passengers aged 2 and up have to get a negative test result no later than 2 days before departure.

Last week, Japan lifted a requirement that everyone take a test for the virus upon arrival from China.