RBF: Third Quarter Earnings Dropped Marginally by 5%

R&B Food Supply Pcl. (RBF) reported third quarter 2021 earnings of THB 133.60 million which translates to a decrease of 5.2% YoY. Earnings for the period nine-month ended amounted THB 316.60 million.

Source: Company MD&A, SET

Total revenue amounted to THB 822.44 million which is an increase of 0.69% YoY. Revenue from domestic sales amounted to an increase of THB 22.08 million and overseas sales amounted to an increase of THB 27.71 million.

Revenue from flavor, fragrance and color segment increased THB 9.54 million, dry segment increased THB 7.30 million, frozen category increased THB 3.26 million and trading goods segment decreased THB 15.65 million

Selling and administrative expenses amounted to THB 159.64 million.