Kaohoon’s Top News on December 9, 2021

– JMART earned THB10.03 billion of capital increase from BTS group, with intentions to subscribe the RO of JMT at the value of THB5,400 million and SINGER for THB1,300 million, while the rest is planned to use for M&A transactions and enhance liquidity. JMART anticipates a 50% rise in revenue this year and a 50% increase per year for the next three years. Additionally, the company anticipates using JFIN Coin to pay for Kerry and VGI fares with the BTS group.

The Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry, and Banking is set to propose to the Office of The Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) on December 16, an increase in the interest rate on hire purchase of motorcycles to 36% and cars to 24%, since the OCPB’s proposed interest rates are too low (the interest on of new car at 15% per year and used car and motorcycle at not over 20%). Analysts, on the other hand, believe that the OCPB’s latest proposal will favor SAWAD and MTC.

– TPOLY announced the acquisition of three new construction contracts totaling THB2,148 million, increasing the company’s backlog to THB4,500 million. Meanwhile, TPCH forecast revenue growth of 30-35% to THB2.4 billion next year, with the company planning to begin COD of Siam Power’s 9.5MW waste-to-energy power plant in December.

– SCN anticipates an extra revenue of THB80 million from the sale of iCNG’s shares to Shizuoka Gus in 4Q21. Also, the company expects obtaining a license to cultivate hemp. SCN will set aside THB50 million for indoor hemp cultivation covering 3,000 square meters in order to boost revenue next year, while remaining confident that earnings will exceed THB2,000 million this year.

– BGRIM sets a budget for the year 2022 of more than 100 billion baht for power plant acquisitions both domestically and internationally, with the goal of increasing power generation by at least 1,000MW and continuing to develop its renewable energy portfolio toward Net Zero.

– WICE is confident that revenue would reach THB7 billion this year, exceeding expectations of THB5.8 billion. Furthermore, the company anticipates revenue growth of at least 20% in 2022, with plans to extend cross-border transport to connect Laos-China trains and open new warehouses.