CPF Reassures Commitment on Sustainable Corn Sourcing

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (SET: CPF) maintains its policy to only buy 100% traceable maize from sustainable sources that are not being harmed in forest areas or burnt for subsequent plantation activities. 

Rewat Hathaisattayapong, Executive Vice President at CPF, revealed that the company’s feed production has a stringent sourcing policy with the “no mountain, no burning, we buy” motto. With this principle, the company only buys corn from maize growers who can identify the plantation areas with 100% legal land deeds. CPF also guarantees that they will get a fair price for their crops, depending on the quality of the produce. 

“CPF’s feed mills are more than ready to buy corn from sustainable sources and passed the company’s traceability standard at a very good price,” he said. 

During harvest season, CPF and Bangkok Produce PCL (BKP), CPF’s raw material sourcing arm, have opened maize buying spots nearby plantation fields to make farming more convenient, saving transportation cost and ensuring fair price. 

Also, as a part of “self-sustaining farmers, sustainable corn” project that has been carried out for over six years, CPF and BKP continue to supports sustainable maize growers by helping them to improve their production efficiency and introduce modern technologies that can reduce production costs and the use of chemicals in farming process. Moreover, there are the company’s staff in the area to give advice on planting without burning.