Analyst Recommends 3 Themes for Investing before 2021 Ends

Toward the end of the year 2021, “Kaohoon Online” would like to propose three investment themes for investors to consider before the year ends.

Commonly, the stock market enters a slow period during the year’s final festive week. However, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 omicron variant this year, it is possible that the SET Index will be less volatile while remaining in the upper frame.

Based on research provided by Asia Plus Securities (ASPS), “Kaohoon Online” would like to recommend the following three investment themes: 1. Dividend Play, dividend stocks often outperform the market in the first quarter of the year; 2. Restart Earnings Play, as GDP and earnings of listed companies are expected to have bottomed out in 3Q21 and are forecast to grow sharply in 2022; 3. stocks that benefit from government stimulus programs such as the Shop Dee Mee Kuen (shopping with refunds) scheme.

The following are the highlighted securities under three recommended themes:

Top picks are BEC (TP: THB16.00), MCS (TP: THB21.00), and KBANK (TP: THB158.00).