High-Net-Worth Property Owner to Back-Door Listing TAKUNI through Treeveeranuwat Family

The Treeveeranuwat Family is rumoured to sell their shareholdings in Takuni Group Public Company Limited (mai: TAKUNI), according to the source in the property field.

A high net worth in the property area is expected to back-door listing in TAKUNI through its major shareholders the Treeveeranuwat Family at a price around THB2 per share for a total stake of 35.26%.

The share price rose as much as 12.04% to THB2.14 per share at the opening bell on August 8, 2022.  The price has been rising for four consecutive days totaling 25.88%.


Takuni Group PLC and its subsidiaries business are Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) trading and energy related business as follows: 1.LPG trading as LPG trader under section 7 of Fuel Trade Act, B.E. 2543, is responsible for LPG procurement and trading to business and other customers. 2.Transportation Service as LPG and Ammonia transporter 3.Construction Service for industrial oil and gas piping system construction as Engineering Procurement Construction 4.LPG/CNG conversion kit installation as LPG related equipment trading and LPG/CNG conversion kit installation for passenger cars 5.Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection service as NDT and inspection services for manufacturers, LPG stations and automobiles against international standards and regulations . 6.Property Development Business 7. Electric motorcycle Manufacturing and Distribution.