“Treeweeranuwat Family” Has Left “TAKUNI” Entirely

The Treeweeranuwat Family sold nearly every single share in Takuni Group these past few months to minority shareholders.

Takuni Group Public Company Limited (SET: TAKUNI) has announced that the trading of the company’s share 15.20% of the paid-up capital under Big Lot Board transaction on September 6, 2022 that the shares were sold by the company’s shareholders namely; Mr. Prasert Treeweeranuwat and Ms. Nita Treeweeranuwat.

Mr. Prasert Treeweeranuwat sold 6.12% of shareholding in TAKUNI, leaving him with only 0.06% stake, while Ms. Nita Treeweeranuwat sold all her 9.08% stake in the company to 10 minority shareholders.

Late last month, both individuals also sold a portion of shares in TAKUNI as well.

TaTAKUNI announced on August 24, 2022, that following the big lot transaction on August 23, 2022, the shares were sold by two of the company’s shareholders.

Mr. Prasert Treeweeranuwat sold 10% of shareholding, leaving him with 6.18% remaining.

Ms. Nita Treeweeranuwat sold 10% of shareholding, leaving her with 9.08% remaining.


On August 11, 2022, one member of the Treeweeranuwat family also sold his stake in TAKUNI as well. The company reported that Mr.Takool Treeweeranuwat had sold all of his 16.09% shareholding in TAKUNI to 13 minority shareholders. Each shareholder purchased less than 5% of paid-up share capital and has no relationship or connected person with the company or directors.