TAKUNI Announces Disposition of Investments in a Subsidiary for THB205 Million

Takuni Group Public Company Limited (SET: TAKUNI) published its notification of the disposition of investments in a subsidiary company and the cessation of the subsidiary of the company via the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

According to the Board of Directors’ Meeting No. 13/2023 of Takuni Group Public Company Limited (SET: TAKUNI) held on December 8th, 2023, the Board of Directors passed a resolution of the disposition of the investments in Guardian Global Security Guard Co., Ltd. (GGS)’s ordinary shares. GGS operates a personnel services business, held 51% of its registered capital by TAKUNI. This transaction has resulted in the fact that GGS ceases to be the company’s subsidiary. The details of the transaction are as follows: 

  1. Date of Transaction: December 2023.
  2. The parties of contract and the relationship with the company:

Purchaser: 1. Advance Technology Enterprise Limited 2. Miss Natnaree Woranitiyaowapha

Seller: Takuni Group Public Company Limited

Relationship between Purchaser and Seller: None

  1. General Information, Value and Size of the Transactions: Disposition of investment in GGS’s ordinary shares. The company will sell its total ordinary shares of 255,000 shares, equivalent to 51% of the registered capital of GGS to the mentioned-above purchasers who are the existing shareholders and not considered as connected persons. The company will sell 245,000 shares of GGS to Advance Technology Enterprise Limited and 10,000 shares to Miss Natnaree Woranitiyaowapha at 800 Baht per share, totalling 204,000,000 Baht which is the equal amount that the company purchased from the said existing shareholders.
  2. Reason for the disposition: The company is not yet ready to manage GGS. Moreover, the company is currently focusing on businesses that can create the New S-Curve, such as investing in the EV (Electric Vehicle) business. Therefore, the company’s Board of Directors Meeting No. 13/2023 on December 8, 2023 approved the sale of all investments in GGS ordinary shares held by the company to the existing shareholders. However, the company sees that GGS is a potential business and can expand into other businesses in the future. Therefore, the company reserves the right to the existing shareholders to buy GGS shares back when the company is ready for management GGS.