“No Leakage into Waterways and No Disruption to Operations,” IVL Says on Chemical Leakage Incident

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (SET: IVL) has made an announcement on the incident of chemical leak at its plant in Nakornpathom.

IVL confirmed a small chemical leak at its Indorama Polyester Industries Pcl. plant at Nakornpathom at about 05:45 on 22 September 2022. The small amount of leakage of a common heat transfer fluid was quickly contained within 10 minutes. There was no leakage into public waterways, and airborne emissions with a strong odor were dispersed.

IVL stated that it is pleased that there were no major injuries or other adverse impacts to employees or the surrounding community. Indorama Ventures sincerely regrets the incident. The care and safety of its employees and the surrounding community is the company’s top priority, and the company is working closely with authorities to assess the cause and take appropriate action to ensure the incident is never repeated.

The chemical involved is a commonly used heat transfer medium oil that is used in many manufacturing plants worldwide. There is no disruption to plant operations.