IVL Says Nakornpathom’s Plant Continues Normal Operation without Being Suspended as Reported

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (SET: IVL) has made further clarification on the reports on social media, stating that the site is still in operation and not being suspended as what has been reported.


In the letter submitted to the Stock Exchange of Thailand this morning, IVL wrote that with reference to the disclosure made by Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL or the Company) on September 22, 2022 regarding to the thermic fluid heating media vapor leakage from the air cooler of the HTM heating system at Indorama Polyester Industries Public Company Limited (IPI) at Nakornpathom, the Company would like to further clarify as below:

1) With respect to the news in some social media that the operations at IPI plant has been suspended for 15 days or more, IVL would like to inform that production which was running on coal fired heater system where the subject leak happened was immediately stopped and the stand by oil fired heater system was taken in line and the production switched to this system. Plant operation is running normally without any interruption. Thus the news reported in some social media on suspension of operations is not correct. Coal fired heater system will be repaired and restarted after getting clearance from the Ministry of Industry.

2) With respect to the toxicity of the leaked substance having any effect on the health of people, IVL would like to inform that the chemical involved is a commonly used heat transfer   fluid that is used in many manufacturing plants worldwide. The risk of respiratory, skin or eye irritation or other effects of inhalation are minimal as the incident was quickly and effectively contained thus posing no threat to health in these small amounts.