ASW Acquires 41% Shareholding Stake in Entertainment Organizer “ZWE”

AssetWise Public Company Limited (SET: ASW) announced on October 19 in the board of directors meeting No. 5/2022 held on 10 August 2022, to approve the entering into the purchase of newly issued ordinary shares of Zaap World Entertainment Co., Ltd. (ZWE). ZWE operates the business of organizing various entertainment activities and is committed to becoming a leader in entertainment and lifestyle of the new generation, namely events, concerts or music festivals.

The company will purchase 6,999 newly issued ordinary shares of Par Value of Baht 100 per share, representing 41.18% of registered capital of ZWE to extend other business opportunities in the future.

ASW stated that delay in informing such transactions to SET resulted from the parties mutually agreed that all conditions precedent specified under the share purchase agreement between the Company and the Seller must be completely executed before disclosing.