Shares of ‘Klinique Medical Clinic’ Bounces Back as Investors’ Confidence Return on Newly Appointed Executives

The share price of the Klinique Medical Clinic Public Company Limited (mai: KLINIQ) closed in the morning session on November 16, at 35.25 baht per share, increased 2.00 baht or 6.02%. The highest price was at 36.25 per share, and the lowest at 34.25 per share, with a total trading value of THB 309.87 million.

The rebound in share price came as investors’ confidence was raised by the announcement from the company ‘s appointment of Mr. Weerasak Sinsapphaiboon as a director of the company, replacing Mr. Prateep Vanichkawgul, who resigned as a director due to health matters, effective on November 15, 2022.

KLINIQ had bad performance in the last few days after two resignations of executive officers in the company not long after the securities were first traded in the Thai stock exchange, which raised concerns on investors’ side over the management.