Analyast Picks 5 Thai Stocks to Benefit from China’s Resumption of Overseas Group Tours

Daol Securities (Thailand) has outlined five equities that are poised to benefit from the report that China will allow overseas group tours to 20 countries, including Thailand, to resume from February 6.

Chinese government officials announced last week that tour operators and online travel companies can resume organizing overseas group tours as of February 6. The government said that China would allow “flight + hotel” services and group vacations to 20 nations, including Thailand, Russia, and New Zealand.

China is by far Thailand’s largest source of tourists, but Beijing’s recent loosening of travel restrictions applied primarily to individual travelers.

According to a recent survey conducted by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the flow of Chinese tourists is expected to increase beginning in the second quarter, with annual arrivals of 7-8 million potentially bringing the overall number of foreign arrivals to 26-27 million.

In 2019, Thailand welcomed 40 million international arrivals, with 11.5 million being Chinese.

Stocks with bullish Daol expectation include Asia Aviation Pcl. (SET:AAV) (TP: THB3.70), Srinnaporn Marketing Pcl. (SET:SNNP) (TP: THB30.00), Mega Lifesciences Pcl. (SET:MEGA) (TP: THB65.00), The Erawan Group Pcl. (SET:ERW) (TP: THB5.20) and Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Pcl. (SET:BAFS) (TP: THB35.00).

In addition, Daol anticipates gains for Siam Wellness Group Pcl. (SET:SPA) (TP: THB 12.40), Airports of Thailand Pcl. (SET:AOT) (TP: THB82.00), Central Plaza Hotel Pcl. (SET:CENTEL) (TP: THB54.00), Ekachai Medical Care Pcl. (SET:EKH) (TP: THB9.00), and WHA Corporation Pcl. (SET:WHA) (TP: THB4.60).


Analyast Lists 5 Stocks to Benefit from China’s Move to Resume Overseas Group Tours to 20 Nations, including Thailand