JTS Expands Data Center to Support OTT Service Providers, Relocating from BTC Miners to Global Mining Farm

According to its goals and business plans in 2023, Jasmine Technology Solution Public Company Limited (JTS) continues to carefully monitor various situations that affect the bitcoin mining industry, especially the cost of electricity that has continuously increased.

JTS is planning to move its bitcoin mining base overseas which has better potential for various resources and governmental support, especially lower cost of electricity.  With this, JTS is able to manage its mining equipment more efficiently and will be ready to uplift itself to become a global BTC mining farm

As for JTS Singapore, which is doing software development business in the areas of Cloud AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Fintech, is in the process of developing the Bitcoin & Lightning Platform to become an enabler for all businesses such as an enterprise, SME or retail store that want to accept Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Lightning Network (Bitcoin Layer2).

These businesses can easily support payments made by Bitcoin and safely send Bitcoin worldwide through the Lightning Network which is much faster than sending Bitcoin on the Mainnet system thus allowing various use cases in everyday life such as BTC Wallet, Saving, Point of Sale (POS) and Back Office, Report & Analytics, Point-Reward & Membership This platform will offer fast, secure payment processing and help support the Bitcoin Ecosystem to be used in businesses and in everyday life.

Jastel Network Co., Ltd. (Jastel), a subsidiary of JTS, continues to expand its Data Center business to support the increasing demand of OTT and content providers from abroad.  Moreover, Jastel is in the process of negotiating a partnership with a world-class cloud service provider to enhance its service portfolio to include these services: AI Platform Service, Cloud Data Warehouse, Industrial IoT, Serverless Application Center, Enterprise Application This collaboration will enhance JTS Group’s ability to provide a wider range of solutions and a more innovative way to support its customers.

Mr. Dusit Srisangaoran, Director and Managing Director of JTS has said, “Expanding our Data Center and partnering with world-class cloud providers will enable us to find the solutions that meet the needs of our customers in tackling the rapidly changing technology.  The move of our 3,500 bitcoin miners, representing a capacity of 423,000 Terrahash/s, from Thailand to the United States was a strategic decision to reduce electricity costs.

With this mining capacity, we will be able to mine 500 Bitcoins per year at a lower cost.  Moreover, our development of the Bitcoin & Lightning Platform demonstrates our commitment to innovation in Fintech and elevates our business to a global scale.”