Earth Tech Environment Awarded Combined 80MW of Renewable Power Projects

Earth Tech Environment Public Company Limited (SET: ETC) announced on Friday that ten subsidiaries of its indirect subsidiary Get Green Power Company Limited (GGP) have been selected as the final winner for the renewable energy power producer and supplier to the Thai government under a Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) Scheme between 2022 and 2030 for industrial waste fuel (2026), with a total selling electricity of 80 megawatts (1 subsidiary : 1 project : 8 megawatts), with the following details:  

  1. Proud Kwan Power Co.,Ltd.
  2. Thorsaeng Energy Co.,Ltd.
  3. The Prao Power Co.,Ltd.
  4. Phan Saeng Dao Co.,Ltd. 
  5. Meekwan Power Co.,Ltd.
  6. Khiang Kan Energy Co.,Ltd.
  7. Me Preme Energy Co.,Ltd.
  8. Phraofa Power Co.,Ltd.
  9. Green Scene Energy Co.,Ltd.
  10. Green Care Energy Co.,Ltd.