BTS Tops Stake in VGI over 30% after Acquiring Additional 3.06% above Market Price

BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited (SET: BTS) has submitted a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the acquisition of additional ordinary shares in VGI Public Company Limited (SET: VGI).

BTS announced that it acquired 343,200,000 shares or 3.0657% of paid-up ordinary shares in VGI at the price of THB4.00 per share from Gulf Capital Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (SET: GULF), on June 6, 2023. This has brought the total holding of VGI’s shares in BTS to 30.0656%.

The acquisition price was way above the current market price. The last time that VGI’s share price was at or above THB4.00 level was on April 24, 2023, when the price rose to THB4.04 per share intraday before closing at THB3.94 per share. VGI’s 5-day average price is THB3.168 per share.

On June 2, 2023, BTS also acquired an additional 3.6717% stake in VGI from companies and an individual in Gulf Group.