Sansiri Acquires 70% Stake in ‘Good Asset’ for the Development of Project for Sale

Sansiri Public Company Limited (SET: SIRI) has announced that on 12 July 2023 the company has entered into an acquisition of the ordinary shares in the proportion of 70% of paid-up capital of Good Asset Co., Ltd. In this regard, the objective of this transaction is to set Good Asset Co., Ltd. to be a 70 : 30 joint venture company between the company and the Baan Sukniwate Group for the development of the residential project for sale under the resolution of the Board of Directors Meeting No. 7/2023 held on 15 May 2023.

At present, all shares of Good Asset Co., Ltd. are held by the management of Baan Sukniwate Group, who have experience in managing and developing real estate projects.