Liberator Securities Launch a Full-Fledged Browser-Based Trading Platform “LIBERATOR For PC”!!

Liberator Securities Company Limited or “Liberator”, the Innovator of Social Investment Platform, the first 100% digital broker in Thailand that facilitates modern securities business through digital channels. Investors can activate the account through “LIBERATOR For PC,which is a fully integrated browser-based trading platform. It can be used on both PCs and tablets which are designed to be clearly displayed, beautiful and easy to use as well as satisfy the needs of any investors, whether they are beginners or professionals. It is an alternate option for investors other than trading through the Liberator mobile application.


LIBERATOR For PC has outstanding features such as 1.) Workspace where investors can allocate trading information pages in a unique style like a private trading room 2.) Trading View / Technical Chart or the screen shows real-time technical graphs with tools to help analyze market conditions (indicators) that are free to use and 3.) Various special shortcut key menus, answers the needs of investors who like to trade quickly.

The PC and tablet trading platforms are not only clear and beautiful, but also provide maximum convenience to customers with integrated functionality for trading. New features are being developed to be ready for use at all times. This allows for efficient market analysis and investment recommendations.


Miss Pavalin Limthongchai Chief Executive Officer of Liberator said: “Liberator creates a community, an investment world where everyone is equal. And now we are ready to launch a new service, LIBERATOR For PC, which can be used in a browser for all investors without additional service charge. This will be another way to help increase liquidity for the capital market in Thailand.”


The access is very easy just by logging in with Username on the website and select the icon Liberator For PC.