“Liberator” Launches International Trading Services with the American Market While Maintaining the Commission-Free Package

Liberator Securities Company Limited or “Liberator”, the innovator of Social Investment Platform, the first 100% digital all-in-one broker in Thailand, has developed a new service as Liberator foresees that today investors have a tendency to diversify their investment portfolios, across multiple assets in many countries in order to manage their risks. An investment in foreign stocks rises an interesting option when Thai stock market’s conditions are volatile or lack liquidity.


The wait is over as Liberator Securities is launching a new foreign stock investing service, responding to the call for new generation investors by focusing on convenience, freedom, and no commission costs for trading. Liberator Securities is reinforcing the mission of “free trading and no commission” by kicking off the trading in American stocks, the largest market that has been an interesting and popular choice among the investors.


Ms. Pawalin Limthongchai, Chief Executive Officer said, “to start safe and stable investing and trading foreign stocks through Liberator Securities, we have prepared human resources and technology to be ready for the service, while testing the system to make sure that every investment of Liberator members is as convenient and quick as possible, which will be open for service soon”.


For new customers who are interested in trading foreign stocks with Liberator, one can start with “open an account” for trading Thai stocks through the application or website. After the approval, investors can open additional foreign stock accounts immediately at no cost with 3 easy steps by going to 1) “Manage Account” 2) choose “Open Account” and 3) choose Account type “Offshore” then fill-in all the details and that’s it. In addition, Liberator also provides trading services on an all-in-one platform with modern tools and functions for investors too.

Special offer for investors who open a foreign stock investment account for free. This includes 1) Free commission, no minimum: investors can start investing in foreign stocks for free without commission 2) Free currency exchange fees: investors can exchange Thai baht to US dollars without any cost 3) Free US tax filing fees (W8BEN): Provides free W8BEN documentation required for foreign individuals earning income in the United States, which helps saving time and costs as well.