Mixed Asia Pacific Markets ahead of China GDP, US Retails and UK Unemployment

Asia Pacific major indices were mixed on Tuesday morning (17 Oct, 9:30 AM, GMT+7, Bangkok time). Most of indices recovered from yesterday’s losses, however the Chinese indexes remain almost unchanged ahead of GDP data that will be announced around the daybreak of tomorrow.


Japan’s NIKKEI was a gain leader today with 0.87% to 31,933.37. South Korean KOSPI followed with 0.81% to 2,455.94. Hong Kong’s HSI also gained by 0.41% to 17,712.83,  while other major indices gained by a lesser percentage.


On the other hand, last night the US swung back after the flight to safety assets theme on Friday. Dow Jones (DJIA) rose by 0.93% to 33,984.54. NASDAQ jumped by 1.2% to 13,567.98 and S&P 500 also went up by 1.06% to 4,373.63. The VIX that indicated the market fear also cooled down by 10.92% to 17.21.


Meanwhile, last night commodities prices had cooled down as the WTI crude oil Futures fell by 1.2% to $86.66, while Brent dropped 1.4% to $89.65 per barrel, As for the morning, WTI continued to drop by 0.42% to $86.3 per barrel. Brent also fell by 0.28% to $89.4 a barrel. Furthermore, gold also edged down by 0.42% to $1,926.2 per Troy ounce.


In addition, the US treasury yields had been rising in recent days. As for this morning the 2-year yield rose by 0.007 ppt to 5.105%, the 10-year also went up by 0.021 ppt to 4.731%.