JPARK Surges 10% after Winning the Bid for Parking Building of Siriraj Hospital

The share price of Jenkongklai Public Company Limited (mai: JPARK) rose on Tuesday following its announcement of acquisition of a parking project at Golden Jubilee Medical Center, Siriraj Hospital.

JPARK had submitted a bid to be the area’s tenant for the car parking building construction development and management project at Golden Jubilee Medical Center, Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital. The company has announced that it has been awarded for being the tenant of the said project on November 17, 2023.

Earlier, JPARK reported a net profit of Baht 22 million in 3Q23, a slight decrease by 1% from the same period of last year. However, the company recorded 21% growth in the nine-month period at Baht 50 million.

For the first nine months of 2023 and 2022, the Company had revenue from services rendered of Baht 423.47 million and Baht 333.46 million, respectively, representing an increase in the first nine months of 2023 of Baht 90.01 million or 26.99%, which contributed the growth in core businesses, especially the parking service business (PS), revenue increased by Baht 63.20 million or 32.05%.

The share price of JPARK rose 10.68% at the end of morning session on Tuesday to THB5.70 per share. JPARK had risen 10.68% since the announcement of acquisition of its parking project.