BCPG Divests 3 Power Plants in Japan to Book THB7,000 Million

BCPG Public Company Limited (SET: BCPG) Board of Directors’ Meeting no. 10/2023 held on 17 October 2023 has passed a resolution to approve the divestment of all the company’s investments in nine solar power plant projects in Japan with a total installed capacity of 116.96 MW through the consummation of the following transactions:

1) Sales of common shares in BCPG Japan Corporation K.K. (BCPGJ), a subsidiary of the company offering operation and maintenance service to the solar power plants in Japan and owner of TK investment in 1 solar power plant.

2) Sale of TK investment in 7 solar power plant projects (TK Interests).

3) Sale of common shares in Huang Ming Japan K.K. (HMJ), a subsidiary of BCPG and owner of TK investment in 1 solar power plant.

The company would like to notify that, on 1 December 2023, the company has entered into Purchase and Sales Agreements with Obton A/S group of companies for a total purchase consideration of JPY 28,712 million or THB 6,935 million equivalent.