Kaohoon Morning Brief – 26 December 2023

Krungsri Securities (KSS) expected Thailand’s SET Index to move within the range of 1,400 – 1,415 points as the market lacks positive catalysts. The trading session is drawing to a close with just a few days before the holiday, resulting in slower foreign flows.

The analyst expected domestic traders will control the direction of the market, especially the investment in saving funds such as RMF, SSF and TESG as well as a window dressing to close NAV positions. The analyst recommended investors to pick stocks with unique catalysts for investment.


Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda said that the likelihood of reaching the central bank’s inflation target is gradually rising if companies continue to raise wages next year and lead to further increases in service prices.

The central bank would consider a shift in its monetary policy if prospects of sustainably achieving the 2% target increase sufficiently.

Still, the governor said that the central bank has yet to decide on a specific time for the shift from ultra-loose policy due to uncertainties over economic and market developments.