Asia Pacific Markets Trade Lightly in the Last Trading Week of the Year

On Tuesday morning (26 Dec, 9:39 AM, GMT+7, Bangkok time), major indices in Asia Pacific traded on a moderate trend as Japan is set to end the year as one of the top performers, while several markets, such as Australia and Hong Kong closed on Boxing Day.


Japan’s NIKKEI dropped by 0.06% to 33,233.71. South Korea’s KOSPI increased by 0.01% to 2,599.67.

As for stocks in China, Shanghai’s SSEC fell by 0.52% to 2,903.54.


Meanwhile, the US stock markets closed for Christmas Holiday on Monday.


As for commodities, oil prices were sideways as geopolitical tensions in the Middle East catched investors attention and positivity on US Fed rate cuts emerged.

As for this morning, Brent decreased by 0.34% to $79.12 a barrel, and WTI increased by 0.2% to $73.71 per barrel. Gold futures rose by 0.28% to $2,074.8 per Troy ounce.