RS Group Expects Revenue Growth of over THB4.4 Billion Unlocking Value and Surpassing Boundaries

RS Public Company Limited (SET: RS) or RS Group with the Entertainmerce business model drives forward the Value Unlock strategy to unleash the potential of all businesses under RS Group with the new structure of four business units, namely RS Music, RS Multimedia & Entertainment, RS LiveWell and RS pet all, while determining to be “Life Enriching” for people and their pets. Under the management of four extensively experienced woman leaders, the Group will enhance the agility of business operation in every business unit in order to further generate revenue and build on business opportunities, while developing new S-Curves to propel the organization’s growth and achieve 4.4 billion baht in revenue by the end of 2024.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer, RS Public Company Limited, said: “Throughout the past year, RS Group expanded the ecosystem for both media & entertainment and commerce businesses to strengthen the organization with our commitment to elevating all aspects of living for consumers. Recently, we have adjusted the structure of all our businesses to equip them with more agility and flexibility in operating various businesses according to their nature. This year, we are proceeding to function under the newly modified structure by revamping each business’ strategies to align with the current circumstances. This reinforces that RS Group never stops evolving and is ready to be ‘Life Enriching.’ Through our four major businesses under the new structure, we will not only fulfill happiness and demands of consumers with our products and services, but also ‘elevate all aspects of living’ of customers.”

RS Group’s four key businesses include:

  • RS Music consists of four music labels, namely BRIQ ENTERTAINMENT, RSIAM, COOL Music and FASH. Fans’ communities are kamikaze and RS Friends. Also comprised in RS Music are the music station COOLfahrenheit, RS Showbiz, and Thai Copyright Collection Co, Ltd. (TCC). All is overseen by the management of Ms. Pornpan Techarungchaikul, who will leverage the solid business strategy to generate more income from a variety of channels, while spinning off RS Music to enter the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) by 2025. Additionally, RS Music has partnered with Universal Music Group to increase the revenue base from music copyright management through a range of digital channels, including streaming and social media platforms. As RS Music moves forward to continue growing its businesses with partnered leading record labels, it is fostering the Thai music industry, while advancing it into the global market. 
  • RS Multimedia & Entertainment has also restructured its businesses to surpass digital TV’s limitations and is now ready to advance with no restrictions on platforms or global markets. To further boost the growth of the businesses, it is open to an array of partnerships. These collaborations will not only be confined to developing programs and activities for Channel 8, but will also extend to other businesses in order to build up revenue from new businesses. RS Multimedia & Entertainment’s operations fall into four primary businesses, namely RS Broadcast, the creator of contents, ranging from news programs, series and variety shows to sports programs broadcasted by Channel 8 Digital TV; RSDG, the full-scale online Entertainmerce service provider, providing exceptional experiences in entertainment and lifestyle through contents, commerce, and the new generation’s community; RS MultiX, the entertainment promoter which creates a variety of fun experiences for audiences with various lifestyles in the borderless world of entertainment; and Rose Studio, the content producer that develops original contents, dramas and series served through various digital TV channels and OTT platforms. The business unit is strongly led by Ms. Nongluk Ngamroj.
  • RS LiveWell is an innovative product company with its own shopping platform that connects with all touchpoints. Its house brands consist of well u, vitanature+, DARING & CO., aviance, Beyonde, iFresh, Happie Homie and Erb, available on all platforms – RS Mall (on-air, online and telesales) and ULife through its Subscription Model, as well as partnered digital TV channels, such as Workpoint TV, Amarin TV and Thairath TV. The products are also offered through additional channels, namely modern trade stores, supermarkets and online marketplaces. RS LiveWell is managed by Ms. Waranya Ratchapolsitte, who will be in charge of brand development and selling channel expansion. Therefore, 2024 will be the year of the synergy of strong products and selling platforms under RS Group to complete the commerce business ecosystem under RS LiveWell’s management by optimizing all in-house resources, diversifying products and enlarging the customer base. All of this will contribute to the rapidly rising revenue.
  • RS pet all, the holistic pet business, comprises three businesses, namely pet products under the brand Lifemate, HATO VETERINARY SELECT and Jungle Monster Thailand. Furthermore, the retail business is known as PET ALL MY LOVE, while the service business is referred to as HATO Pet Wellness Center and HATO Pet Hospitals. Overseeing all of the businesses is Ms. Suchada Theeravachirakul. This year, RS pet all will reveal more exciting projects, such as the launch of PET ALL MY LOVE’s branches to cover Bangkok and vicinity, more pet hospitals, and more HATO Pet Wellness Centers. This year, as Lifemate enters its third year of business, the brand has successfully developed products, gained popularity among consumers, and achieved the revenue as targeted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wittawat Wetchabutsakorn, Chief Financial Officer, RS Public Company Limited, revealed: “The year 2023 is dedicated to bolstering each business and completing our ecosystem. By appointing the well-known anchor ‘Puttha Apiwan’ as the Director of Channel 8’s News Programs and news anchor of ‘Lui Chon Khao,’ the broadcast schedule for news programs of Channel 8 saw a major change, leading to a notable rise in the channel’s rating. Along with this, our “ACROSS THE UNIVERSE JOINT VENTURE” with GRAMMY Music to host GRAMMY RS Concerts received overwhelmingly positive feedback. At the same time, the joint venture with the world’s top record label ‘Universal Music Group’ to co-manage music copyrights marked the official return of RS Group’s music business. Regarding the pet business, the ecosystem of the Group’s existing pet businesses has been further completed by the investment in HATO Pet Wellness Center and the launch of PET ALL MY LOVE’s first branch, offering authentic pet products from around the globe. Prior to the year’s conclusion, we also made a 60% ratio investment in Erb Asia Co., Ltd., also known as Erb, a well-known fragrance and skincare brand in Thailand. Early last year, we also managed to successfully bring Chase Asia to launch the IPO. Going forward, this year, RS Group will leverage and synergize the potential of each business to efficiently support one another under the Value Unlock strategy. The business unit ‘Media Sales and Marketing’ will handle all media sales, and it is anticipated to play a significant role in driving RS Group’s revenue growth to 4.4 billion baht in 2024 – 2.35 billion baht from the media and entertainment businesses and 2.05 billion baht from the commerce businesses.”

“To enhance this year’s effectiveness of management, RS Group will prioritize media and entertainment businesses as well as commerce businesses which process their owned selling channels. To maximize RS Group’s profit, four executives will bring out the potential and highlights of each business to combine and grow together. Under our extensive and varied strategies, the executives will play an important role in setting insightful targets and improving their efficacy in freely leading teams that provide agility and flexibility in pursuit of the organization’s objectives. This reinforces that the Entertainmerce business model has grown strong in both the horizontal and vertical directions.” Mr. Surachai concluded.