SSP Invests THB2.1 Billion to Takeover 45 MW Wind Power Plant Project

Sermsang Power Corporation Public Company Limited (SET: SSP) has announced the additional investment in the Romklao Wind Farm Project with a generating capacity of 45.0 megawatts via the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

SSP stated that the company has successfully purchased Winchai Company Limited (Winchai) with the additional 7,425,000 ordinary shares, equivalent to 75 percent of the total number of sold shares of Winchai, with a total investment value of THB 2,128.9 million, according to the notification of investment to the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 19 October 2023.

Winchai is the owner and operator of the Romklao Wind Farm, a wind power plant project with a total capacity of 45.0 megawatts. This aforementioned transaction was approved by the Board of Directors Meeting of the company No. 4/2023 held on 17 October 2023.