AP Thailand Reaffirms Industry Real Deal Q1 Presales Reach THB1.75 Billion with Unmatched Financial Capability

  • AP Thailand with the promise of Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai, leading the way in the residential property industry with Q1 presales reaching Bht 17,526 million, in line with market recovery as customers respond well to single detached homes, twin homes, townhomes and condominiums on offer
  • Q2 sees the company staying committed to delivering space innovation for home-owners to have Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai so ‘Every Area in AP Home’ can grow with every resident at 22 new projects worth Bht 27,710 million
  • 2024 reiterated as the year of the real deal – those fully prepared in all 5 aspects: cash flow management, diversified portfolio, people management -structure-process integrity, business partnership, supply chain management

Mr. Vittakarn Chandavimol, Chief Corporate Strategy and Creation, AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd., said that positive sentiment was increasingly evident in the middle to high end of Thailand’s property industry in the first quarter of the year, as reflected in the company’s presales. In the first quarter, AP recorded Bht 17,526 million in presales, Bht 13,632 million of which were from low-rise development projects and Bht 3,894 million from condominium projects. It resulted from demand from customers confident in all of AP’s development projects – including single detached homes, twin homes, townhomes and condominiums – all stand ready to deliver a space innovation that allows home-buyers to have Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai so that ‘Every Area in AP Home’ can grow together with every resident.

In the second quarter, the company will launch a total of 22 projects worth Bht around Bht 27,710 million. These include 8 townhome projects worth Bht 6,910 million, 5 twin home projects worth Bht 3,650 million, 5 single detached home projects worth Bht 8,550 million and 4 condominium projects worth Bht 8,600 million, as well as 160 ongoing projects, which will be the key to the company’s steady cash inflow.

“Thailand’s economy in 2024 has continued to be presented with a lot of challenges, and I believe it will be another difficult year due to all the existing, unavoidable factors that will continue to have an effect this year. We have another to prove the mettle of the industry’s real deal. We remain highly focused on five aspects to steer us towards our set goals. They are

1) cashflow management which would have a bearing on corporate stability and trustworthiness and we believe we are now financially strong with adequate liquidity

2) a diversified product portfolio that covers all market segments 3) people management – structure – process integrity that allows us to stay resilient 4) a business partnership with a shared vision to be No. 1 together and 5) a supply chain management to support business growth according to plan to develop and deliver projects,” said Mr. Vittakarn.