CPF Shares the Sustainable Broiler Production Adhering “One Health” Principle


Recently, the 23rd Chulalongkorn University Veterinary Conference (CUVC 2024) was held at Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok, Thailand, with the theme of “Integrated One Health Approaches for Sustainable Wellbeing.” This event facilitated the sharing of veterinary knowledge, research, and future innovations, empowering participants to engage with sophisticated academic insights for the sustainable advancement of the veterinary profession. The conference, a collaborative effort involving over 30 universities, academic institutes, the government, and private organizations nationwide.

At the event, Dr. Payungsak S. Tanagul, DVM, Deputy Director of Farm Standards and Regulations at CPF, also attended as a speaker to showcase the company’s success in sustainable chicken production derived from embracing Smart Farm technology to enhance efficiency in animal farming adhered to One Health principle, ensuring animals are raised in a rigorous manner for the animal’s well-being and fostering an environment conducive to their growth throughout the supply chain. Everyone involved, including stakeholders, contributed to protecting humans, animals, and the environment. The event attracted over 500 attendees, including veterinary, public health, and animal health professionals.

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