Thaiwatsadu under Central Retail Launches 82nd Branch in Sa Kaeo, Boosting Indochina Economic Expansion

Thaiwatsadu, a leader in the retail business for construction materials and home decoration products under CRC Thaiwatsadu Co.,Ltd. a subsidiary of Central Retail, continues its expansion with the 82nd branch in the new Red Format, ‘Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo,’ marking the second branch in Sa Kaeo province following the successful launch of the Aranyaprathet branch. The grand opening of Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo was graced by Mr. Parinya Phothisat, Governor of Sa Kaeo, along with executives from government and private sectors, who joined in the celebrations.

The Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo branch stands as the first comprehensive modern trade retail outlet for construction materials in the province and the city of Sa Kaeo. Located on the main highway, Suwannasorn road, Tambon Sa Kaeo, Mueang Sa Kaeo district, with an investment of 600 million baht, it spans over 19,000 square metres of service area. It boasts over 40,000 carefully selected items from leading brands, ensuring quality, attractive promotions, and value-for-money prices. Special services cater to every customer’s lifestyle, such as vFIX, a first-rate home repair service, and the Click & Collect online shopping service for quick home delivery or easy collection at branches. Additionally, the opening of Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo will further support the economic growth of the upper eastern region, benefitting from the special economic development zone, which has seen continuous growth in the economy, real estate, and cross-border trade in the Aranyaprathet area.

Mr.Suthisarn Chirathivat, CEO of CRC Thaiwatsadu Co.,Ltd. under Central Retail, stated that Sa Kaeo is the largest province in eastern Thailand and a significant border trade and tourism hub linking to Cambodia. It also benefits from a network of major highways connecting various provinces, contributing to the growth of multiple industries and positive economic trends driven by government policies designating Sa Kaeo as part of the special economic development zone in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) area. CRC Thaiwatsadu has recognised the potential of Mueang Sa Kaeo district, with a population of over 100,000 and increasing investment in construction and real estate. Therefore, the Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo branch aims to meet the demands of all customer groups, especially contractors, builders, craftsmen, business operators, and general customers. As the first modern trade retail outlet for construction materials in Mueang Sa Kaeo district, it offers a convenient and comprehensive shopping experience for all types of construction, repair, and decoration needs. The branch features high-quality branded products at competitive prices, ensuring strong customer reception and contributing to the development of local businesses and the provincial economy. The branch’s success is driven by three key strategies:

  • Connecting all demands for construction, repairs, and decoration — ‘Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo’ is the first comprehensive modern trade retail centre for construction materials in Mueang Sa Kaeo district. It covers a wide range of products including construction materials, electrical equipment, hardware, and tools, amounting to over 40,000 items. This enables us to meet all customer needs in construction, repairs, and decoration, with a lineup of special promotions.
  • Connecting all growth in industry and real estate — Sa Kaeo Province has been designated as a special development zone within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project. This attracts a significant number of investors and entrepreneurs, both large-scale and SMEs, to invest in the area. The positive impact includes a 1.4% growth in the industrial sector and a 2.3% increase in private sector investment in 2023. Consequently, construction activities have become more dynamic, especially in real estate investments such as housing estates, residential buildings, and factories expanding into Sa Kaeo province. The Sa Kaeo branch of Thaiwatsadu will support the economic development in construction and real estate, as well as create up to 200 jobs in Mueang Sa Kaeo district, promoting stable and sustainable income for local residents.
  • Connecting all lifestyles and purchasing power in both offline and online channels — Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo branch is strategically located on Suwannasorn road, Tambon Sa Kaeo, Mueang Sa Kaeo district, along National Highway No.33, which links various provinces in the Eastern region and neighbouring Cambodia. It can cater to the purchasing power of over 12,000 households in Mueang Sa Kaeo district and nearby districts, including Watthana Nakhon, Khao Chakan, Kabinburi, Khon Buri (in Nakhon Ratchasima), and Na Di (in Prachinburi). Customers visiting Thaiwatsadu Sa Kaeo will enjoy a comprehensive shopping experience for construction materials, electrical systems, plumbing systems, water filters, electrical appliances, tools, and over 40,000 other items in a spacious, modern store that meets high standards. The branch features a Construction Showroom to provide a new experience in purchasing large-scale construction materials such as roofing tiles, structural steel, scaffolding equipment, fibre cement, concrete blocks, and many other products, making it easier for customers. The showroom displays over 5,000 sample products with consultation services from staff. Additionally, it supports online shopping 24/7 for added convenience and speed, with services to order products through the website, Chat & Shop via LINE @Thaiwatsadu, and orders at Call Centre 1308.

“Thaiwatsadu is a modern trade leader in the retail business for construction materials and home decoration products, trusted by builders, contractors, and home enthusiasts. We continue to expand our branches across all regions of Thailand to ensure comprehensive coverage and service in all areas. Alongside business expansion, we remain committed to social responsibility, creating job opportunities and supporting local communities. Thaiwatsadu is the first in the construction retail industry to use electric (EV) trucks for logistics, developing a green logistics system that is environmentally friendly,” Mr.Suthisarn concluded.