Gas Flows via Nord Stream 1 Return Briefly as Fears of Permanent Shutdown Linger

Gas flows through Nord Stream 1 to Europe resumed briefly late Tuesday after a temporary shutdown for annual maintenance since July 11.

The gauge saw a sudden spike of flows on Tuesday before falling back to zero as operators stated that the flows came from a pressure test ahead of the end of maintenance. Reuters reported that data for 2021 and 2020 show that gas flows via Nord Stream 1 resumed on time after the end of the maintenance periods.

However, Reuters wrote that the returning flow would be at the same level before the maintenance on July 11, which would be less than its full capacity of 160 million cubic metres (mcm) per day.

European countries have been relying on the Nord Stream 1 for gas supply even after several financial sanctions imposed on the Russian government. However, the flows via Nord Stream 1 were less than usual prior to the maintenance. Gas flows to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 was reportedly dropped by 60% from June

The Kremlin claimed that a gas turbine that was supposed to be shipped from Canada was blocked due to the sanction, raising fear that Moscow could use this opportunity to permanently cut gas supply to Europe right before winter.

To make things worse, Russian state-owned Gazprom  sent out letters to its clients in Europe declaring a force majeure, excusing it from contractual obligations, meaning that gas supply is not guaranteed.


Yesterday, Dutch TTF Natural Gas Futures dropped 1.78% to EUR154.45. Still, the price is up 31% in a month.