Biden’s Presidential Run Hinges on the Outcome of ABC News Interview on Friday

Joe Biden has one more chance to redeem himself from the disastrous debate last week with the primetime interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Friday.

A consensus is emerging among frustrated congressional Democrats urging President Biden to consider stepping aside after his recent lackluster debate performance against Republican challenger Donald Trump. During the debate, Biden appeared to struggle to articulate his thoughts, frequently pausing to formulate responses, while Trump exuded confidence with clear and assertive statements.

Amid concerns within the Democrat Party, President Biden’s interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos has been rescheduled as a primetime special airing on Friday instead of the originally planned Sunday morning slot. This shift underscores the sense of urgency surrounding Biden’s candidacy and the increasing calls for him to reconsider his re-election bid.

Despite facing mounting pressure from some Democrats, Biden has rebuffed suggestions to end his campaign, stating defiantly that he is “not going anywhere.”

The outcome of his upcoming interview is pivotal, as a strong performance could potentially quell speculation and secure his position in the November election, whereas a subpar showing may further fuel calls for him to step aside.


The Economist, wrote in X platform that said “The presidential debate was awful for Joe Biden, but the cover-­up has been worse. The dishonesty of his campaign provokes contempt. He must withdraw.”

The British magazine went as far as putting the seal of the president of the United States in front of a four-legged walker.