Trump Expects Biden to Stay in Presidential Race Amid Calls for Him to Step Aside

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump expressed his belief that President Joe Biden would continue his White House race despite internal pressure from the Democrats to yield to a younger contender.

Trump emphasized on Monday that Biden would likely persist in the campaign due to his ego and the substantial support he garnered through delegate wins in the Democratic primary earlier this year, securing the party’s nomination.

While Biden has reiterated his commitment to remaining in the race, Trump highlighted the perceived power Biden holds through his delegate count, hinting that only the invocation of the 25th amendment – allowing the vice president and cabinet members to declare the president unfit for office – could force Biden’s hand, a notion not actively pursued by Vice President Kamala Harris or key Democrats.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Trump alluded to Biden’s reluctance to step down, attributing it to ego and determination. Trump’s comments come amid internal Democratic turmoil following Biden’s lackluster debate performance against Trump in June, prompting calls within the party for Biden to reevaluate his candidacy.

However, Trump’s recent claims, captured on video published by the Daily Beast, stating he had forced Biden out of the race have been refuted. Trump’s assertion that Biden was quitting the race contradicts the reality of Biden’s continued participation, marking a contrast between Trump’s public declarations and the actual state of the presidential contest.