CPF Showcases “Sustainable Kitchen of the World …Towards Net-Zero” Concept at APEC 2022

Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (SET: CPF) participates in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC 2022) as Thailand and the world’s leading integrated agro-industrial and food company. To be showcased to guests from 21 countries are the internationally-recognized professionalism; actions towards Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions that highlight innovations throughout the supply chain (CP Foods Smart Process) to ensure optimized resource utilization, less waste and lower emissions; as well as low-carbon and alternative products.

Mr. Prasit Boondoungprasert, Chief Executive Officer of CP Foods, said that as the leaders of 21 countries will convene at APEC 2022, the forum offers a great opportunity for Thailand to demonstrate its economic and environmental prowess as well as aspiration to ensure global sustainability under the theme of “Open. Connect. Balance.” The forum aims to open up trade and investment opportunities that are connected in all dimensions and foster sustainable economic growth. Supporting this goal is socially-responsible business operations based on the (Bio-Circular-Green- Economy Model (BCG).

“CP Foods is Thailand and the world’s leading integrated agro-industrial and food company. We strive to produce quality, safe, nutritional and environmental-friendly products with sustainable socially-responsible operations as guided by the BCG model. We have set the goal to achieve Net-Zero in 2050 to drive the globe towards sustainability. CP Foods is well prepared to take part in the demonstration of Thailand’s prowess,” Mr. Prasit said.

CP Foods will highlight the “Sustainable Kitchen of the World …Towards Net-Zero” concept, underpinning CP Foods Smart Process innovations that encompasses Smart Sourcing, Smart Production and Smart Consumption.

Smart Sourcing: Focus on emission reduction via sustainable sourcing process. CP Foods has purchased 100% of maize from the sources that promise environmental-friendly practices and zero deforestation. The policy has saved up to 2 million of forest areas. By 2030, the sourcing of other main raw materials – palm oil, soybean and tapioca – will ensure zero deforestation and full traceability.

Smart Production: Focus on emission reduction at feed mill, farms and processing plants via production and energy-related innovations. At present, renewable energy accounts for 27% of all energy consumption, making CP Foods one of five food enterprises in terms of renewable energy ratio. The innovations have reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 680,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. The volume is equivalent to the plantation of 73 million trees or the elimination of 150,000 vehicles. Biomass, biogas and solar power have been harnessed for the production. CP Foods is the first and only Thai company that announces the target to stop using coal in 2022.

Smart Consumption: Focus on the development of products and packaging as a means to achieve socially- and environmentally-responsible production and consumption. On top of world-class quality standards and nutritions, CP Foods shows concerns about the environment. CP Foods has secured carbon-footprint and carbon reduction labels for more than 790 packaging items. They account for more than one fourth of all certified items in Thailand. CP Foods sets the goal to increase the ratio of eco-friendly products up to 40% of total. We also target to achieve the “100% Sustainabile Packaging” when all packaging is reusable, recyclable and compostable. The target is 99.9% completed.

Aside from actions to reduce and avoid emissions in the production supply chain, CP Foods has carried out reforestation projects to help absorb carbon dioxide. While the “CPF Rak Ni-Ves at Phraya Doen Thong Mountain Project” is set to protect terrestrial forests, the “CPF Grow-Share-Protect Mangrove Forestation Project” will protect mangrove forests. That are on top of our plan to increase green areas at our global premises by more than 10,900 rai, to help absorb more than 11,400 tons of carbon dioxide per annum.

“CP Foods is the Kitchen of the World and plays a vital part in assuring food security for all. We are also driven to ensure environmental sustainability. We have taken part in conserving the balance of nature and minimizing carbon emissions from our production process. We will keep improving ourself and be extremely careful in all steps, under our commitment to drive the world towards Net-Zero, for a sustainable and better tomorrow,” Mr. Prasit concluded.

CP Foods plant-based Meat Zero-branded product and U FARM-branded Benja Chicken will be presented at the APEC CEO Summit Reception at ICON Siam, to thrill economic leaders with the quality of low-carbon products and superb taste. Both products have won Superior Taste Award 2022 from the International Institute at the contest in Bruselles, Belgium. Special dishes are created for this occasion: nuggets, fried dumplings, bologna and Thai crispy rice with massaman curry for vegans; as well as roasted chicken with somtam, chicken Thai coconut curry noodle, and Thai crispy rice with chicken. With these Thai-made products, CP Foods takes pride in demonstrating Thailand’s soft power of food.