ADVANC Scales Up Collaboration with ZTE on 5G Devices to Meet Digital Lifestyle Needs

AIS and ZTE are underlining their strategic partnership to develop 5G for customers, who can experience the best digital experience on a smart 5G network in Thailand. The collaboration continues with the launch of a range of 5G terminal devices, leading with the “ZTE Blade A72 5G”, a smartphone to unlock the high speed and signal strength of 5G starting at only 990 THB. AIS is the first operator to sell 5G routers by offering the “ZTE 5G Home WiFi”. It is also the first time in Thailand for “ZTE 5G Pocket WiFi”, a portable device providing a WiFi signal. The whole family of devices gives the most efficient support for the best 5G experience, while being highly accessible, with the best value prices.

Mr Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Mobile and Consumer Products at AIS said, “We have been offering our customers the cutting edge experiences of the 5G network, which we have developed to efficiently connect people’s lifestyles. Now we are teaming up with leading global tech giants such as ZTE to roll out the devices which will unleash the full potential of the 5G network for the Thai public. These brand new devices are both highly efficient while having the cheapest price in the market.

“We are very excited to be offering these this diverse range of 5G devices which will enable everybody to have the best digital experience from AIS 5G, the fastest mobile network. There is the Smartphone, the 5G Router and 5G Pocket WiFi, all of which underline the work jointly undertaken by AIS and ZTE, an end-to- end service provider. Together, we have developed the smart network by strengthening digital infrastructure to provide the best possible digital experience to the Thai public.”

Mr. Han Zhiming, CEO of ZTE Thailand said, As one of the world’s leading communication solution providers, ZTE has maintained a close strategic partnership with AIS for many years, making positive contributions to the construction of Thailand’s network. In addition, ZTE and AIS jointly released many amazing 5G terminal products: the most cost-effective 5G mobile phone in Thailand, the fastest 5G CPE in Thailand, and the fastest 5G Pocket Wifi in Thailand. The arrival of these products will enable final consumers to better experience the best 5G network experience provided by AIS, Thailand’s largest operator.


The new collaboration between AIS and ZTE presents a range of 5G terminal devices, with three products becoming available to support 5G:

ZTE Blade A72 5G: A 5G Smartphone supporting the standalone (SA) AIS 5G network which gives the fastest and strongest signal, and the most value, starting at only 990 THB. Its three cameras give 13MP resolution to support AI beauty, and a 6.52-inch, 90 Hz HD display.


ZTE 5G Home WiFi: A router for WiFi 6 supporting AIS 5G SA, which takes less time to process each program than Non-Standalone (NSA) with the corresponding low latency. It contains the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X62 to support WiFi 6 and Dual Band equipment on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, making it superior to all preceding models. The router can support 64 connections and is both simple to use and easy to move, to support work at any time or in any place.


ZTE 5G Pocket WiFi device represents the first time in Thailand for a portable Wi-Fi signal extender supporting AIS 5G SA. It uses less time for processing programs than Non-Standalone (NSA), giving low latency. This 5G terminal device can support up to 32 device connections and provides an MINO 2X2 signal on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.  Thailand has been re-open to tourists all over the world. It will bring tourists the ultimate mobile 5G network experience in the new wave of tourism


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